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Week 3

n literacy we are still looking at myths - This week we have looked at the stories of Odysseues and the Cyclops and Perseus and Medusa. We planned alternative resolutions for Odysseus to escape and story mapped Medusa ready to adapt next week.


In maths we have continued to work on addition and subtraction. We have been applying the methods we learnt last week in order to solve a variety of problems. Great progress made by all - after some reluctance, they are now all starting to check their answers as well.


In other news:

We used wood and paint to create mosaic style borders in art. In History we designed meals for either the rich or the poor Roman people and learnt that they ate some strange things like snails and mice. Geography continued to show us about South America - we focused on the Andes and produced super information pages/posters. No football coach this week so we focused on our practical skills and control in Real PE. I popped in to see the children's music lesson this week and they are doing an amazing job of learning their words and actions for Sign2Sing - Keep it up!



This week: 

Our Dojo Winner is Jaidne

Our star or the week is Anthony

Our learning behaviour star is Marisa