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Week 3


For our maths this week we have focused on dividing and multiplying.  The children have become more familiar with using equipment to help embed that we share into groups.  

When looking at multiplying, the children did fantastic at recognising that there were several groups and therefore we can write this as a multiplication rather than repeated addition.  


I apologise we haven't taken as many pictures this week in Literacy but here are a couple for you to see some of what the children have achieved this week.  

Using the story 'A New Home for a Pirate' the children have written some really nice instructions and using their knowledge of expanded noun phrases to direct the pirates from the ship onto the treasure chest.  As well as this the children were taught how to use and write similes.  This was great fun and the children really enjoyed comparing animals especially to others objects that were soft, old, friendly and so on.    

Mr Burgin has been teaching the children about plants.  This week the children were learning about what a plant needs to grow and creating posters to tell people how they can be looked after.  

This is Year 2 practising our skills of aiming, throwing and hitting in cricket.  The cricket coach is fantastic with the children and he always has some really good and interactive activities on for them.  

On Thursday we had great fun practising our jumps and what it takes to jump really high.  The children were great at giving positive and constructive feedback to support others in perfecting their jumping skills too. 

Literacy homework



Miss Plume's group:

1. realise

2. says

3. badge

4. future

5. priest

6. stole


Miss Hawkins group:

1. always

2. sound

3. beast

4. yawn

5. saw

6. stole