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Week 3

In literacy we read, retold and story mapped ‘We’re going on a lion hunt’. Following this we went on our own animal hunt and followed this experience by describing the animals we discovered and writing a recount. I was thrilled with the super writing achieved by every child this week! Next week we will be using our imaginations to write our own stories inspired by Axtell’s. 


In maths, this week we have been concluding our learning on addition and subtraction. We have been reinforcing the methods we have explored and developing our reasoning and problem solving skills. Don’t forget to continue completing weekly maths whizz homework to further reinforce these skills. 


In Geography, we continued our learning about maps by finishing our aerial maps of the classroom and using google maps to locate our school. In Art, we looked at the work of Paul Klee and exploring how to create our own tints.  


We enjoyed our whole school blessing on Tuesday and it was lovely to hear the children’s thoughts on this experience.  

Whole school blessing