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Week 4

This week the children worked on position and direction in maths and tried hard with their left and right and they also learned about half and quarter turns.

i was really impressed with their writing this week. They wrote super stories based on ‘Where the wild things are’ and I will take photos and post them next week.

We had a visitor to teach PE this week and the children practised catching using speed and control.

in science we tested different types of paper to see which would be best to paint on - we all agreed tissue paper was rubbish! 

But the highlight of the week was our trip to Wycombe Museum. The children had the opportunity to handle objects and sort them into old and new. They were detectives, trying to guess mystery objects and they had fun dressing up as stable boys and maids, helping wash the clothes and work in the kitchen. They were really attentive in the workshops and asked lots of sensible questions.

Left, right, half and quarter turns

Science: testing paper