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Week 4

In literacy this week the children have been writing persuasive letters in order to convince a business man not to build a pickled onion factory on their playground. They came up with some excellent, justified and funny reasons and managed to write them into super letters using lots of features of persuasive writing.


In Maths we looked at volume and capacity. We had great fun estimating volume and measuring the capacity of containers. We moved on to problem solving which was more tricky but the children did really well.


In other news, we have started playing samba instruments, learning how to make our monsters move in DT, looked at the differences between our childhood and a child living in Brazil, looked at the discovery of Ancient Egyptian tombs in history, explored the function of leaves and conducted interviews in computing. 


We also completed our citizenship project for this term - the children did an excellent job and everyone is really proud of them.

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