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Week 4

This week our maths focus has been fractions.  We have used both shapes and numbers to find a fraction of a number.  The children have been using practical methods to investigate find halves by folding shapes and sharing a whole number equally. Here are some of the photos we have taken this week. 


Our literacy lessons this week have involved planning and writing our own stories about a pirate.  We carefully thought about the main characters, where the story was going to be set, what the build-up in the story would be, the problem, a resolution and an ending.  As an extra challenge we tried using our knowledge of expanded noun phrases and similes to support out descriptive writing. 

Here are a few pictures of some of the children acting out what they had planned their story to be about.     


Mr Burgin took the children on a science investigation this week.  The children were testing how to make a healthy field for a football pitch, based around the topic of plants.  Here are a few pictures of them on their investigation. 
For one of our PE lessons this week we have continued to focus on our cricket skills.  The children have worked really hard to improve some of their precision and accuracy skills.  Here are some of the photos from just some of the activities they were doing.  

Here are some whole school photos of the Harvest festival this year. 

Year 2 did a fantastic job at reading their lines for the poem 'I Give you Thanks' and producing some art work to go alongside it.  

For this weeks homework read the story of Jack and the beanstalk and pick out the main features of the story (character, setting, and the sequence of when things happened.  The extension task is optional but if you would like to have a go then please think of some expanded noun phrases that could be added to provide the reader with extra detail. 



Miss Plume's group:

1. Burst

2. World

3. Shoulder

4. Point

5. Touched

6. Beautiful


Miss Hawkins group:

1. Thirteen

2. Drew

3. Annoy

4. Launch

5. Saw

6. Come