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Week 4


Our focus in maths this week has been division.  We have recapped common vocabulary associated with division and used a variety of methods to investigate how to answer questions using both equipment and through drawing groups to share between. 


Our Literacy this week has focused around the story Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway.  We incorporated our knowledge of Kenya (where the story is set) and considered some of the items Lila would need to keep herself safe in these weather conditions.  Some of the photos shows the children's explanation of this and their use of subordinated conjunctions.  
We have continued to practise our netball skills this term and thought about our footwork when passing or receiving the ball.  We incorporated pivoting into this whilst throwing the ball using chest pass. 


Our focus in PE this term has been physical.  We has been looking at and developing our coordination skills. 

Games for supporting our spelling in plurals

Literacy homework

I'm very sorry but I accidentally sent out the wrong optional maths homework.  Please ignore and this will be fixed for next week.  

My apologies.

Miss Plume

Miss Plume's spellings:


1. clothes

2. voices

3. daisies

4. scarves

5. bath

6. beautiful