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Week 4


In Literacy we began by looking at past and present tense verbs.  The children were given a present tense verb and had to go and search for its matching past tense verb.  They were fantastic at searching for them and could quickly match them up.  Afterwards they worked through converting present tense to past tense. 

In maths we began to revise halves, quarters and thirds.  It was a very useful to be able to revise this again for the children and remind them that a fraction is a part of a whole and we must look at the denominator to remind us of how many groups there should be. The children then investigated a fraction of an amount.  We used equipment to help us share equally between groups. 
our focus in PE this term is orienteering. The children have continued to think about how to use their communication skills we practised and utilise these in some of our group activities.  We explored how to be efficient in our steps and what could make things more challenging for us in different sequences. 
We read the story ‘My mouth is a volcano’ by Julia Cook and discussed how people can show expressions, different kinds of emotions and the importance of managing them before erupting like a volcano.  The children thought of some great strategies to help them cope in similar situations such as writing their thoughts and feelings down, going outside for a walk or stamping their feet safely onto the grass and screaming everything out. 

Class Collective Worship - Generosity of Spirit