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Week 4

Following our rehearsals last week, we made a tree-mendous effort with our performance for our song and movement to the wonderful song ‘Conkers’ for harvest on Tom Burts Hill. We hope you like it!


We completed our unit on place value in maths by exploring ordinal numbers and representing them on a number line. We had great fun taking part in races and creating patterns with classroom objects to support our discussion around 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and thought about the meaning of the words. Next week we will be looking at addition, including the part whole model and addition symbol. 


In PE, coach Joanne continued to help us develop our skills in controlling the football and in our ‘Real Pe lesson we focussed on the social cog while travelling in different ways.  


Our cross curricular write / topic took us ‘on safari’ to the continent of Africa. 

We created a quiz in our travel guide based on some of the things we learnt about Kenya. 


We concluded our unit of learning based on Oliver Jeffers super text ‘Here we are’ in literacy by creating our own notes for living on planet earth. Aren’t they thoughtful?


You may have received a card this week. In PSHE we have discussed the special people in our lives and wrote cards telling our special person why they were special to us.


I am so impressed with the children’s regular home reading so far. Please continue to practise daily and also to complete maths whizz and spelling shed homework as outlined in the meet the teacher PowerPoint and letter. The spellings for Mrs Kemp’s phonics group will reflect the learning in the daily lessons.  The test on Tuesday this half term will assess words linked to the homework. Miss Fernandez’ group are currently revising phase two spellings in their spelling homework but are practising these as well as reading in phase three. Therefore the Tuesday spelling test currently focuses on spelling words with phase two sounds correctly.  


Thank you so much, parents, for your ongoing support!









Topic / cross curricular write

PSHE our special people