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Week 4

We have had a busy week again in our lessons and our harvest festival. 

In literacy, we are drawing to the end of our narrative unit and have been planning and writing our own stories in stages. Watch this space for our finished publications, I have been so impressed at the concentration of our authors in Year 2 to make their stories the best they can possibly be! 

In Geography, we have been researching and creating information pages about the seven continents. These will be made into a class book. Again, keep your eye on the page for tasters of this. 

In maths this week, we have been looking at the whole and part of various things, finding equal groups, recognising and finding a half. The children have all worked really hard and had fun too!

Art this week has been all about harvest prop making to go with our harvest story. We have been great at using the paint with care and control again.

In science we have started an investigation to see if plants need light

We performed beautifully in the Church with Year 5. We told a harvest story with mime and sang the harvest samba. Thank you for the harvest, thank you for your goodness!