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Week 5

Continuing with familiar settings in literacy, we moved on to Voices in the Park. Once we had unpicked the story the children loved the book and it proved to be an engaging stimulus for dialogue and diary writing.


In maths we have been looking at shape. The children were able to use rulers to draw 2D shapes and then make 3D shapes from a range of materials and equipment.


In other news:

Tennis continues and some of them are showing some real talent for the sport, in DT they have made their packaging using the designs the completed for homework, some brilliant posters about the Roman Gods and in science they completed their investigation into whether children with longer legs can run faster.


On Friday we went with Year 4 to complete a litter pick on the Rye for our community project. The children were surprisingly enthusiastic considering they were picking up rubbish but they did an excellent job. The park was a much tidier and nicer environment to play in when they were done.


This week: 

Our Dojo Winner is Anthony

Our star or the week is Isobella