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Week 5

This week we have been getting ready for our Christmas performance. The children have worked really hard and put on a fantastic show for their  friends and families. 


We still carried on with our lessons: 


In Literacy we continued to look at non-chronological reports. We researched mind-mapped headings for a report about The Stone Age and then in groups we researched the topics and shared our findings. by the end of the week we had written our own report on The Stone Age.


In maths we learnt vocabulary for position and direction. We drew and labeled our own compass and wrote rhymes to help us remember the directions. We also looked at ways to describe turns and gave each other directions to follow using the correct vocabulary. 


In other news: we have developed our skills in volleyball, looked at different types of fossils in Science, wrote weather poems in Geography, developed our final sandwich designs DT and then wrote instructions on how to make them in cross-curricular writing, added to our animations with  more characters and movements in computing, created Father Christmases from hand prints and made paper chains in golden time. I'm sure the children all slept well by the end of the week, I certainly did.