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Week 5


Our focus in literacy this week has been editing.  We wanted the children to try and focus on recognising where they made their own errors and make the necessary corrections.  Therefore we set the classroom up to have editing stations.  The children could go to a different table to focus on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and both independently and with support use the resources available to them to edit their work before it goes to be published.  




Our focus this week in maths has been fractions.  This has involved using a lot of maths resources where we are investigating finding a half, a quarter and a third.  Looking at both shapes and quantities the children have been working hard at this very challenging unit. 
Despite the little bit of rain, the children continued to practise their cricket skills.  This week they specifically concentrated on using their arm positioning to give a powerful throw.  Through a variety of games such as dodge the ball, the children progressed fantastically and were also able to develop their accuracy skills.  
For our other PE lesson this week we have focused on static balances.  Here the children have been practising some easy and hard static balances which has used a lot of core focus.  Moving on from that the children worked on moving objects between each other.  They tried really hard to be focusing on one thing before another very quickly came their way!
HWCE are currently competing in local football tournaments for children of the same ages.  It was Year 2's turn where some of the children from the class made fantastic efforts to use their skills against other teams.  Here are some photos from their day.  


The children have all continued with their coding skills.  We have started to use the app called 'Scratch' on the ipads which program different characters to follow instructions.  The children really enjoy using this app.  This app can also be accessed from ipads and computers at home if you wish to use it. 



Miss Plume's group:

1. Eight

2. Break

3. Pair

4. Week

5. Sailed

6. Beautiful


Miss Hawkins group:

1. Chimney

2. Which

3. Dolphin

4. Trolley

5. Beautiful

6. Father