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Week 5

This week in Literacy, our reading of The Midnight Fox reached a crucial point. Tom's Auntie and Uncle want to kill the Midnight fox. We have spent the week writing arguments for and against this decision and then had a huge class debate. Finally we created persuasive posters to support our arguments.


In Maths we have been working on converting percentages, decimals and fractions. The children worked hard and are now great at converting between the 3. 


In other topics... we looked at why we have seasons and drew scientific diagrams, continued our work on painting in the style of John Constable, looked at how water reaches our homes, wrote biographies about Benjamin Disraeli, played a game of rounders, continued to learn the songs for Matilda, created an assembly about community, responded to the wondering question  "I wonder if gifts are more special if you have had to wait for them?" and compared Hindu and Christian beliefs about life after death.