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Week 5

Activities week: The best of British!


Hopefully the children have shared with you at home what they have been doing and what they have learnt from our Best of British themed activity week. The children have been superb throughout the week. Here is a snapshot of what they did:


Monday: The children entered assembly to Land of hope and glory waving their Union Jack flags. During assembly the children heard from the teachers about iconic things about Great Britain. The main focus of the rest of the day was of our British values - democracy and rule of law, the children even hand the opportunity to talk to one of our local police officers. In addition to this, our class was able to learn about Shakespeare during a workshop led by Lani and Dan. The children look at Macbeth and created their own witches scene, creating a spell!

Tuesday: The started with a musical workshop with a focus on Roald Dahl's Matilda. At the end, the children produced a super dance to 'When I grow up' - what a talented bunch they are!

The rest of Tuesday was an opportunity for the children to focus on the British values: tolerance of faiths and beliefs, individual liberty and Mutual respect.

Wednesday and Thursday: During these two days the class explored lots of different things that make our country special e.g Welsh dancing, painting in the style of John Constable, learning about The Beatles and singing their song 'The yellow submarine', taking part in a mock court room, learning traditional playground games.

Friday: we started and finished the day with our own version of 'Britains got talent' . Mrs Mendes and I thoroughly enjoyed all the talent in Year 4. Congratulations to Rachael who represented Hawkes in the final.

Opening assembly for activities week

Photos from the police visit

Shakespeare and Matilda workshop

Our afternoon tea!