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Week 5

This week was a very busy week with half term approaching.

This week in Maths the children worked on their fractions; finding halves and quarters of numbers. They have been making amazing progress on this skill! 

In Literacy we have been working on creating our own counting stories, we will finish these when we come back from half term! 

In gymnastics we have been working on our basic skills, the children have been working so hard and it is totally paying off! They can do great star jumps, body pulls, sausage rolls, and more! We had our class competition this week. Congratulations Riders on coming first in our class! 

This week we answered the wondering question, "I wonder what tempts us and how it feels to be tempted?". Some really thought provoking conversation came out of this question. Good job class! In RE we have been discussing what it means to be a good friend, the class has been excellent at this and has been working hard! :) 

We labeled maps this week and worked hard on our handwriting all week!

We has our Sign to Sing assembly this week, the class did an amazing job signing the song they have been learning in music. 

This week we wrote about important locations we saw on our local walk and why they are important. Once we were done we went back into our work with purple pens to fix any mistakes we made! We are great at editing our work. 

We continued our work on materials in Science, it has been going really well and we are learning so many new terms and vocabulary!

Finally, we ended our week with an Art lesson inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock - pictures to come. 


Have a very happy half term, Robins! 

See you in a week!

Miss. De Leebeeck