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Week 6

Half term already! 

It was lovely meeting everyone at parents' evening this week, I hope you found it informative and helpful. I have attached links to some websites for handwriting.

This week the children focussed on shapes, creating a collage for their Christmas card, sorting and matching shapes and talking about their properties.

In literacy they created instructions to make a jam sandwich, being careful to put them in the right order and use bossy verbs.

Science was all about nocturnal animals and how some creatures live and hunt at night. The children had their class competition in PE. The task was to get the baby (a doll from Reception) safely across the river using only 3 hoops and spots. It needed teamwork and a good sense of balance and movement and it got very competitive!

And of course, it was a certain someone's birthday...


Have a lovely half term 🙂

Computing - programming Bee-Bots

Using shapes for Christmas cards

Did somebody have a birthday?!