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Week 6

This week was a very busy one! The children worked hard in writing, creating a robot and writing about what it can do. I was impressed by how much they wrote!

In maths they did more work on place value - tens and ones and they also completed their citizenship project. Some children took cards to the hospital and other children gave cards to Mrs Hawkins and other classes in school.

The roving bookshop was a success - the children were keen to look at and explore the lovely books on display. 

I was also impressed with their behaviour in our beautiful Ester service. they sat well and really joined in with the hymns.

their highlight of the week is probably the Easter egg hunt - Kaleb certainly thinks so1


Have a happy Easter  smiley

Visiting the Roving Bookshop

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Lent challenge - making posters of our Christian values

Maths. Tens and ones

Making our cards for the hospital

Birthday boy