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Week 6

Our last week working on stories with familiar settings in literacy. As it is the last week it was time to write our own stories. We thought about new settings and characters and then planned our ideas on a story mountain before we wrote it into full paragraphs. 


In maths we have been looking at data handling. We have focused on pictograms so have spent the week collecting data and displaying it using a suitable key/scale.  The children were all really confident with this topic and did some brilliant work - we combined it with our previous weeks shape topic to reinforce their learning. 


In other news:

We had our class competition and completed various relays and skills tasks in our house teams. We had our final lessons on the Romans so had fun decoding messages using Roman numerals. We also had our last lesson on South America where we compared school life there to here. We started out light topic in Science and the children had great fun investigating how easy it was to see different objects in the dark. 


Some extra fun things this week...

The book sale was at school and it was great to see how enthusiastic the children were about the books. They were so excited to go through the books and sit and read on their own.

The Easter egg hunt was also a highlight as it was thoroughly enjoyed by every child. 

Thank you to all those who organised these things for the children - they are very much appreciated.


Happy Easter Everyone!

Enjoy the Easter Break!