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Week 6

Last week of the half term but still working hard...


We are looking at language play in Literacy. The children have loved looking at funny poems and identifying language features in poems they find particularly engaging.  Their poems about a tiger living deep in the swamp were brilliant and their performance poetry was entertaining to watch.


Maths is the tricky fractions topic. Lots of growth mindset shown here. We have been comparing fractions and working out equivalent fractions using lots of resources to help us visualise and work out the answers.


In other areas; we played our class competition in football (winners to be announced in our sports assembly), wrote new blurbs and designed new covers for The Twits,  lots of movement in Science to see which muscles we use and if we could feel them working, drew illustrations to show our wish for the world, completed our Roman mosaics and produced our own South American art collages. It was also safer internet day this week so we have spent time discussing identities on the internet, keeping personal information secret and occasions when you should check with your adults at home.


Happy Half Term EVERYONE!!!