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Week 6

In literacy this week the children have been looking at the features of a diary entry.  We have then progressed to plan and write our own diary entry about a pirate.  We have thought about this very carefully whilst also trying to incorperate expanded noun phrases, similes and remembering where to use punctuation in the correct places. 

In maths the children have worked extremely hard to recognise and understand the value of money.  We have then moved on to try and count money values together using a number line before we start to look at how amounts of money can be made up with different coins and notes.  

If you get the opportunity to look and talk about the values of different coins and notes at home this would be a very beneficial opportunity for the children.  Thank you. 

The children have continued to work on some of their skills in cricket.  Despite the rain we continued to practise our cricket skills in throwing.  Afterwards the children thoroughly enjoyed a healthy game of dodgeball (with soft balls) and were very excited to potentially score points to by getting their friends and peers out of the game. 



Miss Plume's spellings:

1. rocket

2. planet

3. shortage

4. cottage

5. improve

6. everybody


Miss Hawkins spellings: 

1. wasp

2. being

3. fever

4. spider

5. house

6. clothes