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Week 6

The children did their class competitions today.  They worked on their footwork and sequences.  Well done Riders!


We have done some revision this week of addition and subtraction.  The children used dienes and number lines to support their learning and understand when more needs to be added or if something needs to be taken away. 

Run a mile


This week the children focused on traditional banquets during the times of The Great Fire of London. Some children said they would prefer the food of royalty and others voted that they preferred food commonly eaten by peasants.  They then wrote some very interesting menus for a banquet. 
Our carol concert this week involved producing a piece of art work on a canvas about away in a manger.  The children made some mosaic stars and finger painted a manger.  They were then able to safely visit some of the other pieces of art work from 5e other classes and listen to what they were about.