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Week 6

We have reached the end of another half term and the children have worked hard and enjoyed being back with their friends.


In Literacy we have planned and written our persuasive letters in the role of Tom from the Midnight Fox. We have been thinking of arguments for and against killing the fox and then wrote the letter to persuade our Uncle Fred to agree with our opinion. 


Maths was all about volume and capacity. We did some practical measuring and used cubes to test our volume estimates.


In other subjects, we made chalk diagrams of the phases of the moon, finished our John constable art work, created a visual to represent the water cycle and learnt a song to help us remember the process, learnt about Disraeli laws and how they influenced children's lives, played a full game of rounders and wrote a story from the point of view of a water droplet. 


Have a great half term everyone, enjoy the break and I will see you in a week.