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week 6

This week the children began their carnival masks and we had glue and paper everywhere! They are coming along nicely and we are looking forward to decorating them next week.

We finally finished 'The Bolds' and the children wanted to write to the author so have drafted letters, ready for writing neatly - I will send them in the holidays. 

Maths this week was all about solving puzzles and problems ( some really challenging!) and working in teams to get answers.


We also had a scooter safety lesson and discussed riding safely, what equipment is needed and where you should ride. We then conducted a 5 point MOT check and looked at brakes, wheels, folding mechanism, handlebars and adjustments. It was interesting to see how difficult it was to open and close some scooters. 


Five more get-upslaugh

Papier-mâché mayhem

Scooter safety five-point check