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Week 7

This week was maths investigation week! At the beginning of the week the children had the task of creating their own Lunar theme park. They were given a budget and a list of items that they had to purchase - the rest was up to them! All the groups worked really well and some children even worked out the profit they would make from their theme parks!


In literacy, the children wrote instructions for how to make their own Greek God. Lots of children added things like.. 'a pinch of vanity' and 'a dollop of love' into their mixture. Their instructions were brilliant!


I hope you all have a brilliant half term and look forward to learning lots more next term!

**Last week** On Friday afternoon we went for a walk around our local community to try and find evidence of religion in our community. After a long assessment week it was really nice to get outside and explore. Take a look at some of the pictures below.