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Week 7

We recapped addition and subtraction this week with a Christmas theme!  Children revisited putting a number in their head and counting on with their fingers as well as using a number line to jump forwards and backwards to find a total to colour in. This will be something to practise as and when they can to develop their fluency with these basic operations. 


We concluded our letter writing unit with final drafts of our letters to Santa. I am so pleased with the effort the children have shown this term in striving to develop their literacy skills in reading and writing as well as their presentation in their handwriting - a super start to year one! I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together next term. 


Our geography topic continued this week.....just one more continent to go!

We really enjoyed posting our Christmas cards home and being jolly postmen (boys, girls) ourselves, hand delivering our Christmas cards to the staff of Wycombe hospital. 

We also of course very much enjoyed our well earned Christmas party.


Wishing you all a wonderful time with your families over this festive season and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed in the new year. 

Citizenship project - delivering cards to Wycombe hospital

Maths mosaics

Geography- South America