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Week beginning 29th June

Hello Everyone,


I hope you have had a lovely weekend.  


Majority of our learning is now available here on our class page.  Please read the daily tasks sheet which details more some of the learning you can do everyday.  I will upload one of these tasks onto seesaw every Monday morning for you to complete which you can respond to as well.  I will try to respond as soon as I can after you have uploaded it.  


Don't forget it is national sports week too.  A letter went out recently to your parents and guardians instructing them of everything they can do.  Please get involved as much as possible as I will be scoring each house team so we know who has come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Plus we really need your help.  A scoring sheet will be available for you on seesaw.  Please write in your scores each day and then return it to me at the end of the week.


Have an amazing week, I will try and upload photos onto our class page, summer B term too if you would like to see what we are getting up to in class. 


Take care,

Miss Plume    

As some of us come back into school, we are going to try and fill out a daily wellbeing journal.  This might help us to write down what we have to look forward to, what has been good about our day and recognise how we are feeling about things.  I welcome you to take part too. 

Writing task