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Week beginning 30th March

Hello Year 6! 

I hope you're all well and getting into the swing of learning from home!

It is strange not to be in the classroom together- I hope you've managed to keep your bedrooms nice and tidy!

Have any of you been reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse'? I'm desperate to know!


Last week you were working through booklets, this week you'll be spending more time on Maths Whizz and completing work I've set for you- follow the links below. Don't worry if you didn't complete the booklets- you can keep them handy and keep going back to them.


Miss Hourican's top tips for home learning:

  • Play some relaxing music in the background- you might find you're a fan of classical music!
  • Keep a glass of water handy.
  • Stop regularly for breaks- have a little dance between activities!
  • Talk to family members about what you're doing- share your writing or ask for help if needed.
  • Don't spend ALL DAY in front of a screen- dig around the cupboards and dust off a board game or puzzle!
  • Keep a diary!
  • End each day by thinking about all the positive things that have happened.


Keep smiling,

Miss Hourican.