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Week beginning 30th March 2020

Dear Year 2,


As we begin another week learning from home, we hope you are all using this time to do some of the jobs but also spent plenty of time in your gardens or safely in the sunshine.  


We certainly miss seeing you everyday and your positive approach to everything, I hope you have kept this up at home too!


There have been a couple of changes to the week so try and read through carefully.  Ask an adult or family member for help if you need it, however, be kind, patient and understanding to them too.  Hold onto your growth mindsets and remain determined.  If you need a break try and do something to refresh your mind or step away from the job to do something else before you come back to it.  


Maybe use this as an opportunity to do something new you haven't done before.  I have been trying to do some more water painting and Mrs Hawkins played the piano in school last week!


I can't wait to see you again and here about what you have all been doing.  


Look after yourselves,

Miss Plume