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Willen Lake Day 1

Willen Lake ~ Day 1

What a fantastic day we had yesterday!! After the long coach journey we arrived just after 10:15am and were extremely excited to begin the days activities.

Miss Jones, Mrs. Cloke and Mr Harman's groups headed over to the adventure ropes activity course and everyone completed the course successfully and some even completed it blindfolded! Despite some nerves every child also completed the 13 metre jump from the platform with the amazing support shown by all team members!

While we were doing this Mrs. Oliver and Mr. Morton's group were sailing on the lake. All the children developed their sailing skills and competed in many races! There was only one small collision which meant a sailing boat capsized but the children were pulled out of the lake smiling!!

After a quick break for lunch Mr. Morton and Mrs. Oliver's group were off to the adventure ropes where again there was a great sense of team work which enabled all members of the class to complete the course and the the jump!

Mr. Harman and Mrs. Cloke's group moved on to raft building. They were split into two groups and both built a successful raft which they sailed on the lake. Despite a heavy downpour of rain they managed to stay afloat!

Miss Jones' group spent the afternoon sailing. The children took a while to get the hang of the steering but when they had mastered this their competitive natures became evident as they competed in many races! The heavy rain did not spoil the fun and despite a couple of children falling over board we all came off the lake with big smiles!

A great day was had by all and Miss Jones and the other adults there were extremely proud of how well the children had done and the team work skills they had shown. The instructors at the centre commented on what a great group we were and how fantastic the children were all day. 

Looking forward to Thursday....!