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World Cup Day!

World Cup Day!!


In year 5 we have had a fantastic day looking at the world cup in depth – we learnt about the competition, probability of teams winning, graphs, international links, flags, language, celebrations and mascots! Covering Maths, Literacy, D+T, German and Geography – A very busy day but lots of fun!!!! 


In year 5 we started the day by looking at the probability of teams winning against their Fifa rank. We created a scatter graph to see which team is statistically most likely to win, unfortunately not England! L


We then looked at the international links. We played a matching game with the flags and learnt what each of the countries flags look like. We then played a top trumps game based on the key information for all of the countries participating to help us learn what they are like compared with us. As we are e-twinning with Germany we looked at some activities based on the World Cup in German. We started by translating some language describing the mascot and South Africa. After this we translated the colours of the flag and the names of countries participating.


Since football began the goal celebrations have changed and now often involve dance routines and team collaboration. We spent time looking at how celebrations are today and what footballers do when they score a goal! We discussed the possibilities and then tried to imagine we had just scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final and how they would celebrate as a team. See what we came up with below!


We rounded off the morning with a quiz on the world cup and learnt all about who won it in previous years, team strips and general facts.


In the afternoon the class looked the mascots there have been in previous years, what they look like and what they represent. We then all had a go at designing our own.


We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about the competition. Take a look at the photos and videos below to see us in action!