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Year 2 Science Trip - Amersham Field Centre

On Thursday 26th June, Year 2 went to Amersham Field Centre. We toured around the sub-station and saw some pylons and isolators. We learnt that flying kites around the pylons is too dangerous to be allowed. We all had a fun and exciting time.
~ By Jude


We made circuits with solar panels, wires and bulbs. We went into the woods and pretended to be squirrels and hid some dried peas and then we had to find them again. My favourite bit was playing in the willow tunnel. ~ By Alissa


We has a glis glis and made a house for it. My group made our house out of sticks, leaves and hay. We left our warm glis glis for half an hour and then went to measure how warm it was. Our team (Jacob, Miah, my dad and me) came 2nd! It was fun and I learnt new things.
~ By Alexander