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First few days

It was great to see all the children over the last three days and to start to get to know them. On Wednesday, we explored rules, routines and class contracts for the year, both in school and in the playground. We worked together to create a class contract which all the children signed and agreed to for the year. Later on that day, we explored the school Christian and British values, how they link and how we can use appropriate words and actions to reflect those values in school and as a British citizen. The children worked in groups to create role plays for others to guess which Christian value they were showing. They were good at spotting them!


On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the class explored Growth mindsets and the effect it can have on our learning when we change our attitude to our work. We have also looked at the learnings behaviours and created a class manifesto, showing how we will approach our learning in every subject. The children have also written prayers for the year to contribute to the class prayer book and they had fun taking part in various playground games with Mr Burgin. 


On Friday, the children explored different aspects of our brain for Brain Awareness Day. They explored whether they were more visual, audible or kinaesthetic learners, looked at how the left and right brain work differently and explored different thinking skills needed to approach different tasks. 


I am looking forward to teaching the children next week, when we will begin lesson across all curriculum subjects. We are going to start place value in maths and The Adventures of Odysseus in Literacy. 


Have a good weekend!


Mrs de Leon