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Phonics Implementation


Our Phonics Progression of Skills document sets out the clear expectations for pupil’s progress within the programme. Our robust assessment, tracking and monitoring allows head teachers, senior leaders, teachers and practitioners to track pupil’s progress. It provides opportunities for data analysis and encourages discussions around pupil progress, group progress, future learning and misconceptions, thus enabling our skilled staff to respond and adapt teaching within the programme to provide additional support and challenge to pupils.


The Little Wandle approved materials used to deliver the phonics programme ensure a clear and consistent structure to the teaching of phonics. The direct teacher-led lessons enable all learners to develop and apply new skills while also providing opportunities to further apply these skills within fun and engaging activities and through continuous provision (in EYFS). They also offer opportunities to challenge learners and provide support to teachers and parents.


Teacher plans for each stage are provided to allow teachers and adults working with children to feel confident in their own subject knowledge, knowing they are fulfilling the national phonics criteria and enabling each child to achieve their potential.


The teaching of phonics will also be supported by weekly Guided Reading sessions, closely matched to the children’s phonic knowledge, to engaged them in a variety of texts. The sessions are aimed at developing decoding, prosody and comprehension skills.