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Phonics Intent


The phonics programme we use at HWCE offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons that supports the effective teaching of phonics within EYFS, KS1 and, where appropriate, KS2.

In phonics we learn about the sounds that make up words in the English language and letters that are used to spell them. We do this by following the ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised’ programme which is a complete systematic synthetic phonics programme developed for schools by schools. Based on the original Government Letters and Sounds, but extensively revised to provide a complete teaching programme meeting all the expectations of the National Curriculum and preparing children to go beyond the Phonics Screening Check.

Little Wandle is a fully resourced scheme with a clear progression through the phases, matched with fully decodable books.



In Reception, children progress through Phases 2-4. Here learners are introduced to phonemes/sounds and graphemes/letters systematically. They also learn to develop and apply blending and segmenting skills for reading and writing.



In Year 1, children will recap Phase 3 and 4 before moving onto Phase 5. In the Summer Term, the children will focus on elements of Phonics that are relevant to the Phonics Screening Check.

These sets of coherently planned lesson sequences provide opportunities for children to apply their phonics knowledge and skills as the prime approach to reading and spelling. It focuses on phonetically decodable two-syllable and three-syllable words and the alternative ways of pronouncing and representing the long vowel phonemes. Furthermore, children will develop their ability to attempt to read and spell increasingly complex words. Children while also developing a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding in the recognition and spelling of common exception words.

By Year 2, most children will be secure in the phonic knowledge up to Phase 5. Lessons in Year 2 explore spelling patterns and grammar, using the ‘Herts For Learning Essential Spelling in Year 2’ scheme.

Our phonics programme intends to not only provide children with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding essential for reading and writing, but also, to develop each child’s independence, confidence, resilience and engagement in phonics lessons as well as a love for reading and writing across the curriculum.



If needed, KS2 pupils will have Catch Up interventions to fill the gaps in their knowledge, with a focus on fluent reading.