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Lent Challenges (2013-14)

Throughout Lent, Eagles will be undertaking a daily challenge. This year, rather than giving something up, our challenges will encourage us to be positive in our attitude towards our work and supportive of each other. Below is a list of all the challenges that we have completed so far.



Week 1 (05/03/14 - 07/03/14)

1. Don't walk past someone today without saying something kind.

The children found the first our challenges quite tricky to remember to do, but enjoyed doing it all the same!

2. Follow instructions without complaining.

This is something that Eagles do well anyway, but the children enjoyed the challenge nonetheless.

3. Be brave today. Do something that you found hard last time you tried.

Eagles responded well to today's challenge. Lots the children made a big effort to share their ideas with the class, which is a real achievement considering that it can be quite scary doing so sometimes!

Week 2 (10/03/14 - 14/03/14)

1. Don't interrupt. Listen carefully, you may learn something new.

The children were rehearsing for Energize today, and they did a fantastic job of listening to and following instructions throughout the day.

2. Ask somebody in your class to say what they enjoyed most that day.

Eagles enjoyed today's challenge. Had this been our challenge on Friday, I'm sure quite a few responses would have been 'Golden Time!'

3. Play with a child from another year group.

At lunch, several Year 5 boys organised a football game with pupils in Year 3; both groups of children thoroughly enjoyed it!

4. Hold the door for someone today.

Year 5 sometimes forget to do this for one-another, but today they made a big effort. They even held the door open for me!

5. Surprise someone today (In a nice way).

Eagles used today's challenge as an opportunity o say lots of nice things to one-another!

Week 3 (17/03/14 - 21/03/14)

1. Chat with someone outside of your usual group of friends.

Today's challenge prompted some members of the class to talk to children in Years 3 and 6 at break and lunch.

2. Give somebody a nice compliment today.

Miss Jones and I particularly enjoyed today's challenge because we both received a number of lovely compliments from the children!

3. Share your best joke today.

Eagles really enjoyed today's challenge. I lost count of the number of 'Knock knock...' and 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' jokes that I heard by the end of the day!

4. Be the first to say sorry to somebody.

Eagles are a polite bunch, but it never hurts to practise your manners! Some of the children used today's challenge as an opportunity to practise saying 'Pardon', 'Please' and 'Thank you' as well.

5. Tidy up the classroom without being asked.

Eagles found today's challenge tricky because we had been doing art all afternoon and the classroom was very untidy. However, the children did a fantastic job of making it look spick and span in no time!

Week 4 (24/03/14 - 28/03/14)

1. Help the environment, don't waste paper.

Eagles make a big effort to save paper today by underlining their last piece of work in their Maths and Literacy books (rather than starting on the next available page).

2. Ask somebody to tell you about themselves and listen closely to what they say.

Some of the children found today's challenge quite tricky, but they enjoyed it nonetheless, as it provided a good incentive to find out more about one-another.

3. Introduce yourself to another child who you see all the time. Remember their name next time you see them.

Eagles really enjoyed today's challenge. During the course of the day, many of them got to know children in other year groups. In particular, Eagles were keen to introduce themselves to the pupils in Reception.

4. Ask if you can help at school.

Eagles spent most of today rehearsing for Energize at the Wycombe Swan. Even so, the children found opportunities to ask if they could hold doors open, or carry things for either myself or Mrs Venvell!

5. When you're tempted to push in front, let someone else go first.

At lunchtime, Eagles made a big effort to be considerate to one-another when lining up to go into the hall. The midday supervisors were very impressed with how sensible they all were!

Week 5 (31/03/14 - 04/04/14)

1. Invite somebody new to join in with your game.

Several members of the class made a big effort today to include pupils from Year 3 in the games they played at break and lunchtime.

2. Look out for someone who is sad today and find a way to cheer them up.

Miss Jones and I were very impressed by the kindness and consideration shown by some members of the class today.

3. Eat all of your lunch and say thanks to whoever made it.

Some members of the class found today's challenge very tricky, as it meant they had to eat their sandwich crusts!

4. Go the whole day without arguing.

Eagles were beautifully well behaved today! I'm pleased to report that there wasn't a single argument in class, at swimming, or at the Easter Service.

5. Make an extra effort to smile more.

Today Eagles visited Shelburne Lodge Care Home, so they had plenty of opportunities to smile more than usual. Whilst there they sang songs from Energize, which certainly helped!