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W/C 13th July

WEEK BEGINNING MONDAY 13th JULY 2020 - Last Week in Year 5!


Hello Year 5s! This will be the last week I can call you that. At the end of the week you will be Year 6. I hope you will be ready to take on the challenge and responsibility of being the eldest children in the school and will be shining examples to all the younger ones.

I've been asked to set work up to the last day of term. I hope that there is plenty here to keep you occupied and lots you can learn.


MATHS - MONDAY 13th JULY - CONVERTING METRIC UNITS OF MEASUREMENT - Look at the Videos from White Rose ( and BBC Bitesize ( and then choose your level of challenge from the worksheets (1 star = easier, 3 stars = hardest). The answers are here for you to check - no sneaky peeking! You can have a go at the White Rose sheets too if you have time.



Another video for you to look at ( and more sheets to work on (choose your level of challenge once more. This ties in a little bit with your History Topic - Britain became 'metric' in 1971 although we still use lots of imperial units in our everyday lives.


Here's the activity for you to have a go at.

Here's the White Rose Maths sheet for you to tackle as well.



You will need to know these facts in order to tackle the questions:


1 minute = 60 seconds

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 day = 24 hours

1 week = 7 days

1 fortnight = 2 weeks or 14 days

1 month = approximately 30 days - "30 days has September, April, June and November, all the rest have 31 (January, March, May, July, August, October & December) except for February all alone. Which has 28 days each year and 29 each leap year."

I year = 12 months, 365 days (366 in a leap year every 4 years)

1 decade = 10 years

1 century = 100 years

1 millennium = 1000 years


Watch this video (

MATHS - THURSDAY 16th JULY 2020 - Timetables


Have a look at the video ( & powerpoint and then tackle the worksheets. You cna try the White Rose Sheet first and then choose a challenge from the others loaded (answers included).

MATHS - FRIDAY 17th JULY 2020 - ARITHMETIC TESTS - Choose the one that suits your ability best - Year 4 or Year 5. Answers are included (no sneaky peeking until you've completed the test)!


In school, we are hopefully going to finish reading The Secret Garden and will be watching the rest of the film. I'm still hoping at least some of you at home can continue to enjoy this with us. Once again, your work won't be based on the story but will be following the same objectives we are studying in school. 


The activities we are doing this week are all connected with story writing and writing alternative endings so I have posted activities on the website connected with this:

Monday's activity is a comprehension with a fiction text from which to answer questions. There are 3 different difficulty levels (look at the star system 1 star = easiest, 3 stars = most challenging) so choose the one best suited to you. The answers are posted too - no sneaky peeking until you've finished the comprehension.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is SPAG work connected with relative clauses. It's really important you use these in your writing on Thursday and Friday to show you can use them.

Thursday and Friday is all about writing your own alternative ending to a story - choosing from a selection of ideas which are suggested in the powerpoint. There is a lot to read but you should have everything you need here to produce some fun and dedscriptive writing.


I hope all this helps.


Have fun writing.


Mr Burgin

MONDAY 13th JULY - COMPREHENSION - Choose your level of difficulty, read the text carefully and answer the questions in as much detail as possible using the text and making reference to it.



Look a the powerpoint about relative clauses. Your aim is to identify the main clause and the subordinate clause in a sentence and then, to use them in your writing. You should already know about relative pronouns, so there is a revision sheet about them too.



Time to put your story writing skills to the test. I need to see that you have planned the story well, have been creative in your thinking of ideas, are using loads of description of the 5 senses (sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings) by using adjectives, adverbs and figurative language like similes and metaphors. I need to see that your sentences make sense and are punctuated well with full-stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks, commas etc. and that you are following the 4 rules of writing speech. I'd like to see you using paragraphs properly for a change in TIme, PLace, TOpic and Person (remember TiP ToP).


Your task is to take a well known story (you can use the example of Red Riding Hood here or can think of your own idea - Cinderella? Snow White? Goldilocks? - perhaps watch Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes on YouTube for ideas) and plan and write a different ending. Plan today, write your first draft tomorrow and edit and improve on Friday. If you finish early, you could add illustrations. 

SCIENCE - SEPARATING MIXTURES - Look at the 2 powerpoint presentations and write up your own investigation into how you might separate the mixture described in the 2nd powerpoint.

IF YOU HAVE HELP AND ARE ALLOWED TO - you can carry out the investigation at home and try any others using the methods described in the powerpoints.

HISTORY - Using all you have learned about Britain since 1948 choose a decade in which you think you would have liked to have lived and write about why you would choose that decade. Think about, fashion, music, standard of living at home or at work and any events you have learned about.



Would you choose the 1950's - war is over but there's still rationing; Britain has a new queen; you may get your first TV (it is small and black and white but perhaps you get one before anyone else); there are big film musicals at the cinema; rock and roll begins with Elvis Presley being popular; you get more household inventions like a washing machine.


Would you choose the 1960's - The Beatles begin and rock and roll becomes pop music; Mods and Rockers become rival gangs; Britain is the centre of music and fashion for the whole world; hippies campaign for peace; man sets foot on the moon for the first time; young people have more money to spend on having fun; the fashion is mini skirts for girls; England wins the World Cup in football.


Would you choose the 1970's - there are lots of problems with money and lots of people go on strike; there are power cuts; however, women are treated more fairly and Britain gets it's first female prime-minister; pop music becomes glam rock, heavy metal and punk-rock; the fashion is big platform shoes and flared trousers; popular colours are orange and brown; bands like Queen and pop stars like David Bowie are popular; Star Wars is released at the cinema; Liverpool are the most successful football team.


Would you choose the 1980's - big hairstyles, pastel coloured clothes, synth pop music played on electronic instruments; people are worried about nuclear war and new diseases; lots of people get home computers for gaming for the first time; the Game-Boy is invented; there a big blockbuster films at the cinema; more food from other cultures (pizza etc); Liverpool are still the most successful football team.


Would you choose the 1990's - England's football team gets more successful and the Premier League begins; Manchester United are the most successful team; Brit-Pop music is popular with bands like Oasis and Blur; Grunge music from America becomes popular in the UK; The Spice Girls begin; most homes have a computer and the internet is invented; Sky TV became a part of most people's home life; you could hire films to watch on video.


Would you choose the last 20 years - digital technology: - mobile phones; Nintendo DS; the X-box; films downloaded to your TV or laptop; Netflix; more and more people in debt; on-line shopping; a bigger gap between the people who are rich and those who are so poor they need to use food-banks; more homeless people than before.


If you are able to - and your family are willing to help, see if you can have a theme day for one of these decades. Research the food that was popular and see if your parents can prepare a meal from that decade; watch a movie from that decade together with your family (e.g. 1980s - ET or Back to the Future); listen to music from that decade. It could be fun and interesting to try and live that part of history for a while.

ART - Draw/paint the view from your window as a landscape drawing or, if the weather is good enough, take a sketch pad/paper outside on a family walk and find a landscape view to draw/paint. Or just make up your own landscape drawing.


This video link may help:

RE - The Fruits of the Spirit - Look at the 2 powerpoints, complete the activity and do the task below:


Can you put the Fruits of the Spirit in order of which you think is most important to which you think is least important and say why you think this?