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W/C 29th June

Hello Year 5


I hope you had a lovely weekend, despite the rain. There is just 3 weeks to go until the summer holidays and it's going to be a busy 3 weeks as many of the class are back in school. However, it's just as important for those of you at home to keep up your learning. This has now shifted from Seesaw onto the school website. As I am teaching full-time, I am now unable to respond to the work you do at home but will still be setting plenty for you to complete. Please make sure you do them even though I am unable to respond. I will try to post answers to activities whenever I can and I am sure the grown ups at home will support you as much as possible as I know they have been doing for months now.


Good luck, happy learning and stay safe.


Mr Burgin

MATHS - MONDAY 29th - You will need a protractor

In Maths this week we are learning how to measure angles. To do this at home you need to have a protractor (angle measurer). If you have one BBC bitesize has a video to teach you how to use it properly and also has a couple of activities and a worksheet for you to complete. Here's the link:


It is important to watch this video as you need to know the different types of angle:

ACUTE - one that measures LESS THAN 90 DEGREES (a right angle)

RIGHT ANGLE - one that measures EXACTLY 90 DEGREES - like a capital L shape

OBTUSE - one that measures BETWEEN 90 DEGREES and 180 DEGREES (a straight line angle)


REFLEX ANGLE - one that is MORE THAN 180 DEGREES and LESS THAN 360 DEGREES (a full circle)



In school, we are reading The Secret Garden and will be watching parts of the film. Needless to say this could be tricky for those of you at home. If you have a copy, I can recommend you read/watch it just for fun, it is an excellent classic story. Your work won't be based on the story but will be following the same objectives we are studying in school. 


The activities we are doing this week are all connected with diary writing so I have posted activities on the website connected with this:

Monday's activity is a comprehension with a diary text from which to answer questions. There are 3 different difficulty levels (look at the star system 1 star = easiest, 3 stars = most challenging) so choose the one best suited to you. The answers are posted too - no sneaky peeking until you've finished the comprehension.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is SPAG work connected with adverbials - I'd like to see these used in diary entries and across all writing to really help with improving paragraph writing. It's really important you use these in your writing.

Thursday and Friday is all about writing your own diary entry - imagining you are an animal. There is a planning sheet and then you can write the actual diary entry as a big write using all the skills you've learned with some amazing description. There is an example to help you (you can magpie from this). There is even a specific task about writing as a cat, if you are stuck for ideas.

I hope all this helps.

Have fun writing.



This week, in school, we are looking at materials that are thermal conductors (those that allow heat to go through them) and thermal insulators (those that don't allow heat to pass through them). We will be conducting an investigation into what makes a good coolbag for a lunchbox. The details are here on the powerpoint and there are investigation sheets if you are able to do the same experiment at home with your grown ups to help you and if you've got all the right materials. 


I understand if this is not possible. If you can't do the experiment, the thing I want you to learn is how materials can be insulators or conductors and what this means. If you cant' do the experiment, I'd like you to watch this video and write a page on materials that are insulators and conductors. With the information - you could still complete the REPORT activity but not the investigation.

Here's the link:

Insulators and Conductors of heat - Information, Investigation Task (for those who can perform the investigation at home) and Report Task (all could complete - no need to do the investigation as long as powerpoint and video have been viewed)

HISTORY - Britain Since 1948


It's near the end of our History topic and, for those of you who have been following, we have been learning about changes that have occurred in Britain in people's everyday lives at home, at work, in leisure activities such as music and dancing, in fashion, food, technology. We have learned how culture has changed since more people from other countries have settled in the UK.


Your task is for this week - to interview someone who has lived through this time period - asking them questions about their lives and then, next week to write a comparison of Britain in 1948 to Britain today and how things have changed. See the instructions on the slides for how to do this. There are 2 slideshows to use for information and you can always look online too.


Think about what changes have been for the better and any you think are for the worse.  



It's coming to the end of the year and, at this time of year, you are asked to draw a person to see how your drawing skills have improved. The task is simple - draw the best person you can.


Here are some videos to remind you of what you should have learned. Use them to help with your drawing:




Look through the powerpoint and read about Corrie ten Boom. Write a paragraph about when it may be acceptable to lie and when it is not. There are questions for you to think about on slide 11 of the powerpoint.



Hopefully, you and your parents/carers will have seen the letter sent home by Miss Plume telling you that this week is National Sports Week. With things being the way they are, we obviously can't have our usual 'Healthy Heroes Week' but hopefully these activities will keep you occupied.


I've attached a description of the events and a scoresheet for you. You can share these online with friends and/or email them to the school (mark them for my attention (Mr Burgin) and I'll pass them on to Miss Plume).