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Week 1

We had a book tasting session to give us chance to enjoy book genres we already love and to try new genres we haven’t discovered before. Each ‘course’ was a different genre!
In our PE sessions, we completed 16 laps of the playground for our ‘Daily Mile’. We also played ‘crazy catch’ and ‘jumpball’ to develop physical skills that are used in different sports, such as accurate throwing and catching.
Writing Roald Dahl biographies in English! We have a good understanding of events in his life to impress the staff at the Ronald Dahl Museum next Tuesday!
Friday was Brain Awareness Day and we looked at the nine SMARTS. We found we were more inclined to some SMARTS than others, but that we could develop other areas of our intelligences by changing our words to reflect a Growth Mindset. In the afternoon, we all developed Word SMART as a class and each had the chance to share a story with a child in KS1.