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Week 5

This week our learning behaviour has been patience, which was introduced at the beginning of the week by Joe and Maria.

In History, the children learnt the history behind the Greek alphabet and practised forming the letters to support their handwriting skills before using the alphabet chart to write their own names using the Greek alphabet.


During Literacy this week, the children learnt about Odysseus meeting the Sirens on his adventure to reach his home island. The children listened to music, then described the music using adjectives, similes and metaphors before recycling the quality vocabulary to write a speech as Odysseus speaking to his crew members. On Wednesday the children learnt about ‘magpieing’ language - taking vocabulary that was effective from each other in order to uplevel their own writing. 


In French, the children practised vocabulary about the homework using a game and then practised the correct pronunciation in groups. In PE, the children practised their teamwork skills through invasion games. 

**Please see the uploaded song on our class homepage under Useful Websites. It would be great if the children could listen to it and try to learn the lyrics over the weekend!**