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Week 7

In maths, the children were learning how to convert between different units of metric measure (cm, mm, m, km) and used place value charts to help them understand the concept of the values getting greater and smaller when dividing by and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. Some of the children went outside to measure the length of larger spaces such as the playground. A challenge for some was the idea that converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit actually involves making the value of the distance smaller, for example 1 metre = 100cm but 1 < 100. 
We held our class competition this week in Games. The children got into their houses and had to dribble the ball around cones, pass the ball to a team mate, avoid a defender while attempting to shoot a hoop. All the children did really well and congratulations go to Surfers who were the team with the highest number of points! 
In Literacy this week, the children encountered the final chapters of our class book ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’. We explored the emotions of the main characters across a chapter before writing the events as a recount. The children then practised their editing skills by identifying spelling and punctuation corrections as well as considering how to re-write and improve the quality of their writing. 
Mrs Lyons brought in a variety of different plants for the children to classify as part of our topic ‘Living things and their habitats’. The children had to group the different types of plant matter and decide whether a cutting was an example of plant reproduction or not. If they were, then the children then had to classify the cuttings further into different categories such as seeds or fruit.